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(remembering Corrie ten Boom)

A hiding place

The comfort of safety and protection of a Friend

Shelter from the constant storm

Mighty winds that tear and destroy

Torrents of rain that flood,

Looters and violent men follow

Lawless ones, scavengers pick and sort, parasites at every level,

They abuse the vulnerable women and children;

Wicked rulers watch from high hills

Smug arrogance and false sympathy

As turmoil and fear sweep away.

There is no peace

There is no worldly safety or security offered

Hunger and thirst move as plagues,

Those who consume

Are then consumed.

The earth shakes violently

Even heavenly bodies mysteriously are shaken

All that man has made and woman holds dear

Lies shattered on the ground.

The remnant, the true believers are hidden away

Beneath golden wings

Within the New Covenant embrace,

In the midst of the powerful swirling winds

The calm eye of the storm,

Hidden and protected, most powerful hands of the Shepherd hold near;

As one shelter is threatened

Persecution falls as the rain and snow,

Another safe door is opened

A path of trust and inner strength renewed.

Food somehow multiplied, water purified

Strength returns to the body

The will is revived

Peace within remains the same

Perseverance and endurance rise up

As hope in Messiah carries another day

A new light dawns

And the Morning Star beautifully lifts above the world,

In eyes and in hearts

Encouragement is eaten as sweet bread for heart and soul.

Soon, very soon, the fierce lion will eat grass and straw,

Bear and cattle, tiger and goats graze together

A child will handle the poisonous snake as written,

The wolf and lamb together,

The enhanced beauty of earth greatly prized by all

Those who destroy, long ago removed

And war will be no more

Its memory fading as a morning fog

In the warmth of a new day.