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Today I walk with You

Today I talk with You

Today I rest in You,

Simplest eternal pleasures

Given freely, received wonderfully

Complete satisfaction from Heaven

Carried on waves of Spirit truth

A river of exquisite beauty that majestically flows

As a living crystal gemstone that stretches on from horizon to horizon

Sunrise to sunset, and back again;

Gift of a promised new creation, Kingdom within,

To be joined beautifully as one in New Covenant

Most lovely intimacy beyond the world.

Living Bread for food

New Wine the drink,

Angelic forces move about

Power of divine sovereignty on open display

Angels more powerful, greater authority

Faithful messengers from the Throne

Holy flames, spirits who love

Obedient in honor of the Royal One who loves as the “source of all love”,

Zealous witnesses, servants of the Faithful One

Mighty God, Prince of Princes

Humble Lamb, most ferocious Lion

Redeemer of all His Creation,

A burning jealousy for His own, even for Israel!

Magnificent swords flash in the secret Kingdom

Power and authority flow with exact purpose

Precise as the widest river of fire,

As lava from the greatest mountain high above,

Such confidence and knowledge

Rests within a clay vessel

Armor of Light the covering I now wear

Clothed with Messiah

Ready for another day,

Even Today!