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The Cross of Israel’s Messiah before us

Our chosen destiny

Our mystical earthly experience,

The fully revealed secret to eternal heavenly wealth

And “living wisdom” beyond the stars,

Wisdom that works daily in any human life

Wisdom that walks the practical streets

Travels the common roads

Works in any job setting

Fills a house

Fills a soul at constant rest,

Divine wisdom fulfills human purpose and gives true meaning

Establishes supernatural peace both within and without.

To drink the living water, truth of His most noble act

The greatest delight

With each sip taken, honor given

With each droplet, fellowship embraced,

Most intimate friendship enjoyed

Every quality of true life in abundance,

All love, joy and peace

Every good thing revealed to us

The power of faithfulness

Such songs of wonder tasted in the morning

Prayer of gladness at night

Wealth of a new birth gathered in the heart

And throughout each day a divine shalom lifts the being

And settles on Mount Zion

City of God, “garden Kingdom of love”

City of the Great King of all Jews!

Oh, God’s secret wisdom of redemption

Final and absolute defeat of the enemy of life,

Enemy of all that is good,

His one foot almost in the “Lake of Fire”,

Enemy of all that is true and pure, soon to be destroyed.

Fully open display of love shown on the Cross,

Show of sovereign power and authority as well

Narrow gate of freedom for all the sheep who will follow Him,

Free from any hatred, lies and all false religion

Corrupt politics, economics and the many snares of mankind,

Fear of death driven off into the barren desert

Freedom to be alive, the victory in Him

Now in eternal celebration!