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A mountain rises above all other mountains

Looms over mankind

Fills the earth,

Truth stands free

Alone, apart from this world

Double-edged sword of the Spirit in hand

Found also in a new heart, spirit reborn

Able now to survive, to flourish and rise above all things

Freedom from the natural human snare of self worship

Human nature’s slave grip invisible, but very strong.

People walk about often in a daze

Caught up in the mundane daily things

The buying and selling

Worries about house and children, food and clothing

About the power of money and personal comfort;

A few do truly seek more,

But most turn back in eventual rejection, fear or frustration.

As rebels at heart, stubborn to the core

Scoffers and mockers lead the vast crowds

Religious pretenders and hypocrites as well

Modern Pharisees and Sadducees reign in arrogant pride;

Politics and corporate fascists joined together

Such a stew, broth boiling over

Fat drips into the open fire

Hungry flames lick for more.

Small the number, great the love

As Israel both ancient and modern,

Mount Zion eternally chosen

Resting place of the Most High;

Many would stand true

But few can clearly hear,

How precious ones who listen and faithfully follow.

Truth refined as purified silver in the hearts of men and women

Discipleship a call to everlasting life

Even when death is all about;

A trumpet call to live sounds very sweet

Holy Words written and spoken as purest music to the ears,

The heart leaps as a young child thrilled

Always with the most joyful excitement

That takes hold with every ounce of new will and strength,

Zeal and spiritual fervor as written

Fearless love as in the Book of Truth

Holy Scripture fed upon

A closed  golden Spirit “loop” never to be broken.