The beautiful flow of true life

Sweetness known with lips of honey

Worship of God at the very core,

Heart of hearts

The very essence of delicate human purpose

As a good seed of eternity planted

Secret wisdom satisfies the mysterious desires of meaning within,

And the common conflict of needs and wants,

Of self and idolatrous self-destruction.

A delightful melody on heavenly winds moves steadily

Yet, fear and hatred the overbearing mantra of this world

Failure of enlightenment only boils up into divisions

In every form of self torment

One who turns on himself,

A nation against another nation,

A woman pulls out her hair

A man eats an “obsession”

All as the kingdom of darkness wars against the Kingdom of pure Light.

Even after Messiah’s Cross, the only true finished work lifted before us all

Even after the resurrection as life triumphed over death

Relentless, tenacious self-destruction runs rampant,

Fury of the fallen death angel with ugly darkness

Wrath in hatred of creation and its Holy Creator;

Invisible forces multiplied, magnified throughout humanity’s twisted path

The dark seeds scattered across every nation the same.

But the “Warrior of Heaven” has triumphed

Victory radiates beyond the Universe

One Lord worthy of all honor and praise

One worthy Shepherd who calms the seas

Who calms the anxious human heart

Breathes peace within a suffering soul

Reveals the Father in Himself

Our Majestic Father in His radiant Son.

A woman at a well spoke out and listened carefully

Honest words, simple words grasped her spirit and soul,

And her worship takes hold of Him,

Endless throngs of angels burst forth in continual worship,

Endless throngs of men and women have joined the eternal celebration

Hold each others hands as one before Him.