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In the poverty of my spirit

I wandered as if in a desert world

Always trial and error

Sorting through people,

Stumbling from circumstance to circumstance,

A dark shroud covered my understanding

Cloud of confused passion for life

Frustration at the lack of clear purpose

Often in the people I met and loved;

Crumbs of satisfaction

Slipped always through my hands

Then disappeared as the morning dew

Come the stress and heat of each new day.

Reality an impossible existential mystery

Far beyond mere human grasp,

Despair the barking dog at my heels

Depression the unclean, invisible spirit followed as the worst parasite.

Then, through a friend, by a divine touch of the Sovereign One

A surprise light turned on

A new word spoken, a familiar Name with an eternal secret shared,

True Light came from a new place

Most sublime truth followed simple honesty shared

And a new Spirit tore through the veil

Just as warm sunlight through cold storm clouds,

Rays easily broke through a dark barrier

My heart took refuge, took hold of the Holy Name

Embodiment of all Eternal Reality

Greatest mystery revealed in that simplicity,

Confirmed by supernatural peace that settled within,

New belief and trust come to rest in my spirit and soul

A gift of faith from above

A new beginning in a revealed path of Heaven’s peace for all men and women

A rest and trust blended into rich confidence

Knowledge worth more than all Earthly treasures

Comfort greater than any earth bound wealth.

The greatest gift of loving compassion, pure sensitivity to others

The kindness that rained down from Heaven upon my head, now shared,

My mind became enlightened;

My new food and drink in this body life

The written Word, prayer and true worship,

Encouragement from the inspired stories of others who drink the same cup

In Spirit and truth.