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Truth seekers are too few

In this land of greed and restlessness

Where fear of less seems to rule;

Some do hunger

Thirsty for honesty

Suffer through puzzling inner needs

Perplexing stir in the grasp at reality,

Fleeting peace that can carry, transcend the moment.

Most thoughts wander in the thin mist of time

Many blind people walk all about

Work at personal meaning, yet only numb the senses

Hearts hidden away by consuming circumstances

Demands of food, clothing and shelter;

The inner self screams out for freedom in lasting purpose

But continually boxes itself in

Such a human dilemma mixed thickly within human tragedy,

Lies and murder and heavy government hands

Rough hands grip, large dark boots trample.

America spirals down from above

An eagle that soared about mountains,

Now the abyss opens it mouth very wide

Multitudes tumble into Sheol

Completely unaware, out of touch, away from any true sensitivity

As severe justice awaits.

Some do choose life

A remnant stands

Compelled by Messiah’s love

Selflessly, zealously reach out to others

Cry out in prayer for revival

Driven by a compassionate Spirit,

Busy hands with a soft touch of love pluck from the fire

With tears, this one and that one

One by precious one

Quickly, as many as possible,

As the time is truly so short.