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She walks the infinite fields of delight

Flowers of every kind at hand

Enraptured wonders of created beauty,

New fragrances, new captivating aromas,

New colors and shapes to gather,

A sweet melody flows from joyful lips

Caught up in the wonder of Heavenly paradise

The promise of His Words that did not pass away!

Spirit eyes capture her eyes in a vision from far off

And a song of praise in harmony of joy pours forth,

Happiness experienced with tears beyond happy

Gratefulness and a heavenly pleasure at being alive

At this time, in this place

Both fully alive in the Holy Presence,

And a husband has even deeper rest.

Deep knowledge of the mind and soul

Deepest intimacy of the One who always loves

Reality as the Lord of Life draws near,

He who formed within the womb

A wife who was known before her birth

Who now stands in purest confidence.

Particles of golden light radiate about her form

Silver embroidered flowers in her lovely gown

Whitest white covers

Face with the glow of Heaven,

Even the long flowing hair pulses with life

Every dimension of lasting beauty amplified greatly,

Soars beyond the brightest horizon,

The depth and height of such beauty reaches through the new heavens

Reflected in a moment raised up into eternity

Eternity at constant rest, content in the lasting moment seen in those eyes.

This one too once caught in an earthly snare

Set free by most powerful love;

Wisdom more than the eyes of any great eagle flies on Spirit wings

A spoken Word , a touch by His hand

And true peace was forever made known.

Another bouquet to gather from our God’s garden

And set in honor before His Jerusalem Throne.

***This comes from a vision given to me by the Lord of my wife’s future, while I experienced a time of stress some years ago. -Gary B.