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Poverty of a heart

Poverty of a spirit and soul,

Body destined to return

Earth decay as gravity continually pulls down,

Youthful beauty and strength quickly fade.

And yet, the inner heart cries out for more

An illusive wealth missing

A rich treasure sensed just out of reach,

But without a hint of true heavenly understanding.

Then comes a whisper in the night

The tug of a dream

Gentle cooing of turtle doves in the day time

As an honest lover wisely woos

With tenderness, gentleness and a soft touch

The lover of our soul draws near

In complete openness

In total compassionate kindness,

A firm hand cups the head and mind

Another wraps about the chest

And a sweet, sweet kiss of truth is given,

Truth about love and life is peacefully made known.

Secrets from the very beginning of creation are made clear

Wisdom and power of creation settle upon the inner mind

Even the revelation of living Words written on pages;

As stark and beautiful butterflies on an ordinary flower,

Intimate friendship made into sparkling jewels.

The comfort of such fellowship warmly blankets

Pure white linens cover the common nakedness,

Proper clothing of the spirit and soul,

A clear mind and a pure heart are born and grow quickly

The love of our God precisely covers

The peace of Messiah Yeshua encloses, fills to overflowing

As eternal riches are now made known

Divine mysteries unfolded,

Every human need satisfied in Him

The yearning and longing  in poverty of spirit

Transformed into priceless wealth and abundance.