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The past has slipped away

Out of our hands

Through the fingers, gone;

Some memories return as blessings

Others as reminders of human failure,

Stumbling and bumbling along

Treating physical beauty as an “object”

Absurdly mentally, emotionally dissected portions,

Irreverence towards all life,

Including my own.

But good gifts are given that last

Soul cleansing with thankfulness grows into praise,

Worship as a constant attitude in character develops

Discipline to fix eyes and thoughts on the only Holy One

Living written Words discovered,

A small bud grows into a fresh and fragrant blossom

The blossom into a rich and sweet fruit with multiplied good seeds.

I think of those lives I’ve touched these years given

And failed to truly, honestly love,

Sins of youth a haunting echo

Until truth finally stands tall in a heart reborn,

And dark memories wilt and flee, powerless

Forgiveness already exercised

In this person, in much prayer and in a timely season.

“Today” reigns supreme

“Now” the presence of the God of Truth experienced always near

In timeless, covenant fellowship, comfort in friendship always enjoyed.

In eternity a finished work stands free and clear,

In a long process, a new work within continually grows

Brings to pass what has already been done in sovereign foreknowledge,

A human  life redeemed

A new life purchased without silver or gold

Wrapped in a most beautiful package of eternal spirit freedom,

Now cared for by angels

Timeless favor delivered on Heaven’s wings,

The dark past forgotten

Where divine mercy reigns this new day.