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They turn from goodness

The gently flowing streams of kindness

Move their eyes from the newly revealed beauty of truth

Embodied majestically in the Anointed One,

Made known in the Holy One,

Cross of sacrifice for all mankind;

Light fades steadily into deception

Men wink and nod

Women’s eyes glaze over

Seducing forces rationalize, compromise

Justify somehow the forbidden fruit nibbled,

Then greedily lusted after.

So much good has been spoken and written,

So much has been heard and seen lived out

Hand of the Father in one life, and then another

So many displayed in triumph,

Holy spirit speaking, teaching and drawing near in peace and love,

Yet, the hearts of so many wander

Much as restless teenagers

That race through trial and error.

The Lord who sits enthroned,

Once above the “Flood”, forever above all creation,

Has drawn a final line in Earth time

The dirt and sand and rock of this place,

One choice held out as the only sparkling jewel

Pure Light radiates from His hand, from the most precious Foundation Stone

Most beautiful, most lovely life,

Wonderful flashes of exquisite fire!

But how few reach out,

Fewer still seek to take hold,

And an even greater mystery-

Some even turn and walk away…

Deepest darkness of internal turmoil

Endless misery beyond imagination awaits them all

When they are cast away forever from the Glorious Presence.