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Light richer

Light fuller

Light beyond human effort or understanding

Supernatural revelation, Light of life where only death reigns

Supernatural revelation, Light where only death rules.

Glorious beyond every possible human imagination

The Kingdom of Truth

Light in this darkness

Heavenly beauty of hope and purpose for the lowly of the earth

Reason and wisdom for only the humble of this world.

Truth reigns with peace from a just and exulted Throne,

River of the purest water of delight flows out

Favor darts about as flames of fire dance

Hot coals tossed by angel hands upon His Earth.

Salvation given to know our King Yeshua has walked the only path

The narrow road in this lonely place,

Salvation the wonderful place of destiny

Carried by divine hands into the finished work of our lives;

He holds out a hand of kindness to any and all

As the only lasting Christmas gift,

A gate of promise, a road to follow, a healthy way for the spirit to keep in step,

Holy Spirit path through this life in the body

Safely through this hard and ungrateful world.

His Spirit of mercy draws us

Peaceful, prayerful and confident footsteps

Separation from things that do not last

Death to self enslaved to the world,

Freedom of Heaven, life in Him

Rebirth literally as a new creation

The gift to believe

The call to receive

Absolute power of God from beginning to the end!

He who foreknows

Who shapes in the womb,

Clothes the nakedness

Breathes in the human spirit of life;

When Satan’s death grip held tightly

Discovery of hidden treasure in the field held out

What transcends the mundane, the common natural life

All the usual questions that plague the mind,

The Kingdom of true peace alone settles within

Messiah’s miraculous presence

The pearl bought as a new possession,

Once a parable, now the “Pearl of great price”.