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Good treasures from the heart

Rich store of priceless faith

Greatest gift from above

Covers all with the stability of peace,

More than the world can understand

The natural mind can ever grasp,

Treasures that last

Timeless qualities of personal character

Beginning likeness of the Holy One

Born anew in Heaven’s eyes,

Almighty Son of God

A new creation at Sabbath rest in Himself.

In this world He is our refuge

His Spirit our only sanctuary

Only hope, only path of light,

Mysterious revelation of truth the only chance given;

All the muck of despair holds the generations to the earth

Weight of depression, of common human failure destined

Cloaked in pride and self delusions,

Thick curtains of lies over all

Blankets even a glimmer of truth,

A dash of color in the new morning sky skewed,

Snare within a snare.

The world cries out for a savior

And finds many others, proud and lawless ones…

There is only One who spoke of pure love

He who formed the Earth

Who shaped the human body

Gave an inner yearning for something more, something greater than self,

Revealed lasting beauty in peace, in pure covenant marriage,

In true love creating hope with even me,

In a good vision of Heaven

Written words that have come alive,

Abundant knowledge  of the Heavenly King that overflows,

A Holy Spirit who holds my hand,

Such goodness poured into this present life on earth.