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In this present day of battle

Who will stand in the face of the dark, ruthless army,

Fierce leader in red and black

Thief, and murderer, liar

Arrogant strut matched only by an arrogant tongue,

His dark power festers in the many legions, demonic forces who follow.

Humble, vulnerable lambs gather together

Ewes with young shiver together

Stress of the long day heavily upon them,

Day of reckoning when anti-Christ parades about,

The “beast kingdom”, many times many “anti-Christs” follow blindly;

The lawless always stand to mock and scoff

To spit and curse as the Roman soldiers long ago

To run a dull sword through another,

To cut throats, behead many with new guillotines

Fiercely loyal as slaves to the most wicked spirit ever.

Heavy darkness smothers the light

Thick, acrid clouds spill over one another,

Floods of pride and filth

Houses ransacked, women ravaged, even in Jerusalem.

And who will stand apart in true victory

Who can stand strong in the end,

On this long, drawn out day

When evil pretends as good

Darkness as light, sour as sweet

Evil men and women wise in their own eyes.

I will stand true, we will stand pure, we who know Him

Shoulder to shoulder with the Holy Lord

The mightiest sword in hands and hearts

Eternal Words of God thrust with power and authority

From our spirits, souls and bodies.