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The new morning sun crowns the western ridge of red rock once more

And yet, each time fascinates the very same

Intriguing beauty of light

That spreads from Heaven into a waiting heart,

Living Light of the Holy Presence

Images given in a glimpse of the Eternal Throne

And our King who waits patiently.

Melodies leap forth from the sky as young deer

Words unspoken, but messages incredibly clear

A song of joyful salvation bursts

It remains with satisfaction deeply within.

A day of perfection yearned for

Desire of the heart getting closer, but not yet in hand;

As work piles upon work, many things to do

Busy whether caring for children

Or men who act like them,

Loving friends, neighbors and relatives

Always more needed

More to give, more to do!

A longing for spring fragrances grows

Wildflowers, fruit trees

Gardens freshly planted,

Oh, the aroma of star jasmine on the evening breeze;

Flowers below, stars above

A Lord to serve, to worship

A man to know, to share comfort

A man to love.

Each day in striking revelation given

As a gift to always celebrate;

The struggles of early years before enlightenment often thought of

Certainly a stiff rod of a Shepherd now understood.

Now His staff gently leads

Perseverance a pleasure

Endurance as birth pangs of hope endured

The delight of fruitfulness in constant sight,

This good day the Lord has made!