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As the sun rises faithfully

And dramatic colors streak across the sky

Eyes brighten as the day becomes suddenly richer and fuller,

A breath of fresh air fills the lungs

While a light breeze moves around the body

New strength invigorates

The mind so much clearer

Creative thoughts easily move and even laugh

The New Wine of eternal gladness surges

Gives a refreshing taste of true goodness!

Things weren’t always so

But the former things are not remembered

Those that echo within become lesser,

Some thoughts even amplified by the enemy

Cut down quickly by the “sword of the Spirit”!

A flow of new language of praise begins

Smooth, peaceful words of worship

Continual thanksgiving offered as arms uplifted

In the discipline of true sacrifices

New Covenant gifts of love set before the Great High Priest

The Holy King upon His throne.

As one of many ministers, servants as priests of the Lord

Another day to eat the “Living Bread” of the written Word

To drink sacred Living Water

A day to live out the life of love given

To plant and water seeds generously

To pray continually as a delight

To reach into any mess of humanity

And return clean hands, healing for all,

The will to serve burns as a torch.

The eyes of a disciple

Fire eyes of a man of God,

He stands strong and confident

Fearless in battle

His eyes see very far in wisdom

Deep, calm pools even with a crying baby

Cradled safely in his arms.