A new day becomes a new year

Just as the sun rises with the Earth’s most precise spin

Exact motion of the Earth moving through the Solar System,

Clearly defined, clearly made known

All distances perfectly aligned.

Time melts away

Comes and goes as Northern Lights across the night sky,

Glimpses of true personal purpose sensed

Yet, smothered on worldly cares and desires,

Sudden visions of lasting intimate meaning

Covered over by “selling and buying”

“Planting and building”,

Hunger to hold in hands of human flesh that can only grip;

Days turn into weeks

Weeks into months

Months into years.

And, in the end, what has been accomplished

What has been achieved,

The body grows older, outward beauty sags.

Then, a surprise moment brings back a distant divine Kingdom memory

So many good expectations and possibilities once embraced

All to serve the only worthy One

To honor Him with every youthful breath of zeal.


A man much older now sits quietly, alone

Broken just enough

Zeal for true life mostly lost

Spirit almost crushed by the world

Scripture memorized so long ago

Dance briefly through the mind

And he deeply wonders

And finally even prays!

A man who knew the difference

Yet, still got caught up in this selfish world

Stands up and takes a new step

Away from material clutter and towards the dim light now seen

And then another step and another

Each step becomes brighter and somehow even brighter,

Once lost, now found again

Almost spiritually dead

Now truly alive again!

Thunder can be heard in the distance

Echoed by the sound of a roar

A faithful Shepherd takes his hand

And guides this man into new eternal adventures that true love compels,

Youthful “zeal and spiritual fervor” renewed!