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We stand together and search

Look high up into the sky seeking,

On Christmas night

Stars always shine more brightly above

As small bursts of joy from Heaven

The Light of Love pierces through the darkness.

Beauty the eyes behold

Even as the essence of life suddenly discovered

Found in a newborn baby

A smile forms on tiny sleeping lips, even bits of mysterious laughter,

Truly a gladness our souls embrace;

The countless stars above portrayed

As a work of divine art for all eyes to see,

In simple pictures of wisdom painted across our minds with delight

Signs of Sovereign control in Sovereign love

Authority to create such overwhelming personal goodness in a child,

Far beyond what any human can fully know

Mystery of Majesty displayed,

Splendor in a radiant smile from very far away.

Speckles of light drape to the horizons

Sparkles dance throughout the fragile darkness,

In transparent open joy, mouths begin to sing of that Holy Night

When angels gathered long ago

And our Lord was first revealed,

Such days of fragrant wonder

Such aroma of times of awe celebrated

When whitest robes of spiritual freedom were draped about shoulders

Mankind set free from the impossible snare of self

Chains about the heart and soul of human nature broken;

A Savior came to us bearing the greatest gift of His life;

A golden seed of lasting joy planted deeply within

Redemption where there was none

New life where only death in fear reigned,

A spirit Shepherd for wandering sheep

A clean path of truth made known where there was none.