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The sun and moon, stars high above

Earth with oceans,

Winds that blow about.

Simple beauty, simple truth,

Smooth skin clean and lovely

Curves balanced and in harmony,

The natural goodness of creation

Meant to enhance a growing sense of peace

Of right and orderly living,

Uncluttered personal reality and stability.

And then, the gift of compassion from above,

Yet, men still agitate

Most women seldom if ever satisfied

Restless minds and wills.

But one person does stand true here

Another seeks righteousness over there

Small groups even gather

A community of love grows,

Body truly as a temple just as written

Pure love expressed to one another even as written;

The Creator’s hand always makes what is good,

Shapes the woman’s lasting beauty

Wisdom forms a woman’s tenacity of will and mind

Stirs right desires and zeal,

Lifts up needs yearning to be met

And then moves heaven and earth in dynamic designs

To fully meet those needs.

A stranger speaks a word overheard

A circumstance wonderfully unfolds before the eyes

The right things at the right times come together

And understanding with revelation insight rains down within,

The eternal spirit begins to know

Joins finally in prayerful conversation,

Wisdom of the Mysterious, awesome God on display

The only One who cares for each one of us,

The Lord of Creation made known to another beautiful human man

Another delightful woman

And angels rejoice!