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Glory Presence fills the Earth

In a touch of Heaven

As the King descends with an angelic shout

To visit a prophet

To comfort an elderly woman

To bless a newborn child

To walk about Zion,

Continue to draw His people Israel into shelter, a true refuge

Flock of love covered with protection

Even as Goshen during those ancient days.

When the royal hand comes down,

Sin exposed by Light once more as sin,

Rebellion against the holy call, divine words

Gospel covenant accountability;

To look to the “gilded serpent” once more

Reach out for lasting Manna,

To the One raised up in victory

Triumphant Cross of rescue,

Cross of redemption.

To look and believe

And to begin to live a true purposeful life

In Him, the Spirit life, eternal life

Knowledge of the only God

Knowledge of the Creator, the Son of God.

The endless wars of humanity rage on

Casualties are many, only angels keep count

Wasted lives of men,

Women and children suffer greatly.

Few escape the destruction

Evil men seem to prevail, wickedness gloats

Darkness parades in extreme arrogance

Lawless ones, leaders of nations as “gods” to themselves;

Then, a thunder clap resounds

Shakes the earth

Shakes the heavens,

A shock wave of reality powerfully surrounds the earth

The world and its ways vanish

The Day written about long ago,

Spoken of by the faithful prophets

And suddenly there is no place to hide,

Not even in caves

Or deep underground

Beneath Denver as well.