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The Name

Mysterious above all

Beyond human understanding

Often forgotten

The Name above all.

A Voice calls out

In a storm, in the desert

In the depths of the ocean,

In a city stretching for many miles

In a mind numbed and deadened

A Voice can be heard

And a hand of compassion touches.

The heart is awakened

Human spirit and will thought dead

Rise suddenly in revelation truth

The Resurrected One speaks into the darkness

Calls your name

And suddenly you hear

And begin to see

You are able to believe

And begin to know

The Name of Yeshua

Name of the Savior, Holy Lord

Name of Messiah

Name of the only true Lover.

Eternal truth rises within the man

Real peace settles in rest within a woman

And a Voice speaks once more to their being-

“Rise my chosen ones

In whom I delight.”