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Joy forgets the pain

Covers the heartaches

Clothes the body in beautiful linen

Richly embroidered borders and sleeves

Gold and silver threads woven intricately,

Accent the natural beauty of the human form

Help carry a precious life forward

One step, one day at a time

A future held in divine hands that guide

As the Lord of Goodness reveals a new path,

Special, chosen path of hope just for you

Child of Heaven,

A treasured and unique path

Stream of Living Water on one side

Light of Life flows on the other

Friends who are truly friends watch closely

Family close as well, who truly care

Angels dance nearby

Songs and music of blessings surround,

The face glistens brightly, eyes exhilarating

A radiance in new life given

Confident aroma all about

Fragrance of lasting purpose

And deepest personal meaning

In the joy of Heaven’s new birth

Leaves the struggles and worldly hardships forgotten,

Left far behind.