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The cup of death,

Total and complete

Unchangeable, irreversible and sealed

Eternal separation from God our Maker,

Without even a vague hint of hope

Or the tiniest droplet of reasoned spiritual understanding.

The dead walk about today oblivious

Stand among us everywhere we go

Fill the nations of this world

The media, the digital screens, the government offices

Malls and food stores, restaurants both fast and slow

The streets and alleys, trails and dirt paths.

Neighborhoods and our families sometimes the same,

Death utterly dead

The Name of the Holy Lord even used as a curse word,

Darkness beyond even the physical sense of darkness with soul’s enhancement.

The dead quickly follow the body, on to another place

The mouth of Sheol ever-widening

Its appetite insatiable

Unquenchable satanic desire for more to plunge,

Be cast headlong into this pit of filth

Bitter stench of disgust and betrayal

Beyond the horror of torment.

And yet, worse stands ready in the face of eternity,

Consuming fire, the home of justice for rebel angels

Great and small alike,

Lake of fire without human words of comprehension,

A shared fate.

Death feeds on lies as maggots devour

Lies like darkest spores carried on worldly winds

Spread so easily far and wide

Multiply as they feed on themselves;

Falsehoods we love, deceit our delight

The very base nature of mankind perverted

Blinded in the thick darkness

Fearful only of exposure to a single ray of light,

Threat of honesty, terror of truth!