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Perseverance precisely folded into endurance

Steadfastness stands in confident assurance,

Victory embraced in triumph

Celebrated to the very end.

When earth and sky fade away

Lost in the brilliant Light of the Holy One,

Judge upon His Throne,

To stand in the freedom of eternal pleasure

Delight in the Splendor seen

Powerful awe at the Majesty experienced,

The King, our Creator

Source of all goodness in life tasted!

To always stand in Spirit strength

Reflecting the joy of His salvation

The royal smile that bursts more than a thousand sunrises,

Vibrant hope of many thousands of sunsets

Radiant beauty in His eyes,

The Lord’s laughter as thunder throughout the Heavens and beyond.

To stand in merciful embrace as a humble work of Love

Faithful, obedient, truly full of the wonder of gladness

Most intimate fulfillment of the finished work of the Cross.

The Father now seen, the Father made known

In His Son, His Gift of our Lord;

We stand free in eternal judgment

The freedom I’ve already long enjoyed

On earth

In this body of flesh

Soon to be a new spiritual body…

To stand strong till the end,

Through the fire and flood of the “last seven years” still to come;

As the prophet Daniel, to stand faithful in obedience to the Voice we hear,

To the Words we’ve read, memorized and meditated upon,

The Cup of the Kingdom completely emptied

Every drop of His will drank in confident foreknowledge

Just as we are predestined to confidently stand in eternity.