A noble farmer goes forth

Solid man of the soil

Man wise to the earth,

Seeds sown in honest love

Bear much fruit in a well watered garden,

Even by those spurned

Mocked and scoffed at,

Such work in the Spirit returns

Comes back with certainty as offerings of praise.

Obedience in faithfulness

To love those who hate you

Bless those who curse you

And pray for those in America who persecute you

Who badly treat those you love and hold near;

Peacemakers water many seeds

Ones who sprout and ones who don’t

The path of good or bad fruit

Often a mystery to the sower

Who takes pleasure in faithfulness,

In step with Messiah’s Spirit

In honor of the most royal farmer,

“Divine Gardener of the entire Earth”.

Kingdom of Light carried, driven by love

Compassion toward each one of us

Who carry a bag of seed, tears in our eyes,

Tears in her eyes as she works diligently

Steadfast, gripping endurance through perseverance.

Even America once echoed East to West, North to South

Living Words of the eternal Gospel resounded powerfully

Waves of children drawn into massive revival;

Now, our country swallowed nearly whole by wicked men

Who drool with lust for evil, perverse cunning as the media bows in submission.

The serpent of death has an insatiable appetite

Mouth to hades always grows larger

As the foolish, the blind and the stubborn rebels fall headlong into it.

But yet, love compels us

The very nature of the Kingdom, way of the King,

His followers always stand ready to forgive and to give

Alert and watchful to plant and to generously water,

Prayers and works of the Holy Spirit

As incense rises before Heaven’s Throne,

His tireless people who truly care

Live to honor and worship

As the heavy loads are carried on this ungrateful land

This place where thanksgiving means stuffing another mouth.