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Before I saw nothing,

Now I see You as well,

In the end, I’ll see only You

The only One faithful and true

Shepherd of my life given fully

Gift upon gift upon gift, layers cover and surround

Abundance poured out within and upon me,

Spirit gifts from Heaven

Knowledge and wisdom in a pure flow of revelation.

Gratefulness at being thankful embraces me

Gladness at being present, truly alive in Your Kingdom,

Now able to stand strong till the end;

To bask before You in Your Glory Light,

To walk in step with Your Spirit

My Lord, who taught me how to live

How to forgive

How to love and give freely

How to receive and be content,

Patience as the garment I wear

Peace as my robe that covers all!

Your narrow path made simply known

Even as You held my hand firmly

A child from the beginning,

And a child of Heaven till the end;

I matured to fix my eyes on You

The Firstborn One always at my side

Even in days of personal internal darkness as a teen

In Chisholm, later in Rapid City,

In those lonely military times in San Diego.

Then, spirit rebirth came after words of love were spoken and heard

Prayers for mercy answered

Real friends stepped forward,

Circumstances dripped with grace;

A woman given to love, a family to know

And Your loving comfort remains always the same.

Only You hold the power of Eternity

Only You hold the authority to know the Father,

Your Father and my Father,

I stand in Your creation to offer honor to the King of the Jews

To offer thanksgiving to the King of Jerusalem

To offer gratefulness to the King of Israel

To worship the Firstborn Eternal Jew.