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Honeybees cover a summer bush

Purple and violet blossoms a delicacy

Crimson flowers nearby,

The beauty in such a moment

Captured somehow by the memory of a look

An image of delight, of sudden reality held

A rich taste from a good cup for the soul.

The mind’s eye sees clearly

Fills in the gaps as it learns more

Colors the gray as it listens,

Arouses all sensations with brightened perception.

What is given in love

Can now be received in love

Lasting flow of what is always good

Constant flow of what is always true,

Timeless love never fails

Steadfast love streams from above

The priceless gift comes to live in a human heart;

Nothing ever lost from the mind, ever completely forgotten from a lifetime,

Everything as if “today”

Timelessness etched sharply across the Universe

“Light years” but a temporary expression,

The vitality and youthfulness, zeal of the human spirit

At rest in the Living God!

With all power

Peace and rest and trust,

Knowledge of true life in the Light of the Son

Eternal life in the Eternal One,

Simple wisdom blossoms for innocent children

Earthly beauty as nectar seen and held for its moment

Splendor of human forms, warmth of a stranger now the closest friend;

But another fleeting moment buzzing here, then darting there,

Another jeweled droplet for the wings of wisdom in thought to hold

In unchanging heavenly peace.