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The greatest spiritual revelation

Mystery of true love made known to a man,

The love of the Holy God to a woman,

For us, for me, for you

Shown clearly in the Jewish Messiah

The anointed Son of God

Eternal King of Israel,

Truth as love incarnate walked in human flesh

The Way of life shown to all eyes

Holy Words heard by all ears;

Some hearts awakened

Many minds enlightened

Spirits of men and women eventually reborn

More than from a mother’s womb

Rebirth into Heaven’s Eternal Life!

As divine love washes over a soul

Floods within a spirit

Expressed through a body,

Joy wells up, Living Water from the new born spirit.

God, who is Love, is now made known,

Greatness beyond mere human understanding

Triumph of good over evil, love over hatred

Shown, made known, revealed in the only Son,

Our God who is Love!

Reflections in what has been made

Sky above during day or night,

Earth below from horizon to horizon

Highest mountains

Lowest valleys

Rivers that flow

Oceans that wash the endless shorelines,

Greatness of this love experienced in what has been given to us all;

But a few nibbles, tastes of the “Banquet Table” to come,

Fully set and ready for seating

For the eternal victory of His children

A celebration in worship that will never end.