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They come to Him

Drawn by a new love,

By a desire to love and to be loved

To taste and see stronger, richer love

A lasting and fuller love,

A deeper need covered by a warm holy blanket

Divine revelation of the truth of His love;

Mysterious power that fills the Universe

Authority in a spoken word that controls the Universe, and beyond.

The greatest authority above all

Seen and unseen,

Past, present and every possible future

Made known to the heart and mind,

The most wonderful discovery

Most prayerful triumph in any life

Victorious truth takes rest in a human heart,

Almighty Father’s love found in His only Son

Holy Spirit rest within me and you,

Eternal Sabbath rest made completely known.

All religions fall to the ground

The demon inspired idols

False antichrist religions spun by Satan

Powerless words, as a dead, shriveled serpent skin;

Another priceless soul wakes from the dead

In new life eyes begin to see and ears begin to hear,

A promised holy Seed for a disciple germinates

Planted by an invisible hand.

Some of us wandered in ruined cities

Others in deserts, mountains of need within and without

Common poverty of soul and spirit suffered,

Many adrift on oceans of multiplied thirst;

But the Voice called within settings and circumstances,

And many have heard

Listened and learned from the Father, within minds and wills

They stream to Him from the East and the West

From every culture on earth

From North and South to their new King of reality

King of purpose and meaning,

Now zealous to walk the narrow road

Trials, perseverance, persecutions and endurance

Path of tears, the only path of honor to their Eternal King.