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They go to the source

As wisdom from above guides the hunger and thirst,

They go to the source;

Spring of all rivers

Fountain of all waters pure, fresh and clean,

Delight of all children on a hot, sunny day

For all oceans, pleasure of all women who rest along the shorelines,

Satisfaction of ones who sow good seed both near and far.

A crystal pure river flows from Heaven

Widest stream of our God’s love

From the Throne of richest mercy

Gladness into the souls and spirits of those who walk this earth

Holy Presence of the Holy God always before them,

Always at their side as the Champion of Faith,

Living water for those thirsting, dying for truth.

Messiah’s peace now streams into many lives,

As a golden arrow that flies from the piercing eyes

Of Him who humbles Himself to look upon the earth,

His earth cloaked with His jealous love,

Looks into every life

Every mind, every heart

Every created soul and spirit,

He who fully knows His creation

Knows those who desire to know Him

To drink His humble selfless cup

And taste the freedom of His Redeemer’s Cross,

Freedom from self and death,

Freedom from years of aimless wandering in the desert world

Freedom to truly live.

Crystal waters will flow from the newest temple on the Mount Zion

Seen completely by Ezekiel, and others

Jerusalem’s destined Throne of absolute power,

The Jewish High Priest and King upon that Throne.

A shallow stream will begin

Grows steadily into a deepening river,

And becomes a wide expanse  bringing life to all it touches!

Yeshua, Sovereign King

Closely watches Israel and all His own

Women who shamelessly bathe in His love

Children who play with dynamic, growing enthusiasm,

And men who stand guard in strength, ready to bathe and play the same.