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To refresh the aroma of our love

A fragrant scent of a blend of mint and jasmine,

One for another as the perfume of nard fills the house,

A selfless heart given for my wife, hers for me

Our hearts for our God;

Refreshing love expressed

In a life lived out on earth

Each day beautifully renewed

One hand tightly holds another

Confident smiles mirror with eyes,

The look of trust at rest within,

And see peace fully returned

Honest hearts completely open

And free,

Marriage bed of transparency

Healthy delight of passions

At lavender rest in complete satisfaction.

Life given as living water upon a desert shrub

A seed in the ground once dead

Now shoots up towards the sun

Most vibrant dance in the sunlight beneath the bluest sky

Celebration of a rich life as blossoms form

And good fruit rushes forth,

Such a divine gift

As a bride before her groom

The Bride of Messiah before His Throne

Joy of salvation bursts out as angelic trumpets,

Good work finished in hearts so very long ago.