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No longer spoken in parables

But seen in a clear, crystal mirror,

A nation looks at last with honest eyes

And sees in the light of truth,

That the strength has slowly wilted

The beauty has steadily faded;

Days of old

When horses snorted for battle, hoofs pawed the earth

Warriors charged fearlessly

Overpowered all enemies.

Yet, days have faded

When beauty and strength walked together hand in hand

Arm in arm along the rich city streets

Protected by walls of power and authority,

Joy and gladness at being alive

Deepest heart satisfactions savored

As children gathered about in excitement

Homes filled with love and laughter of families.

But now, the God of Israel has been dishonored

The Shepherd Lord of Jacob treated poorly

The Jewish King of Jerusalem even turned against

The people of God’s destiny mocked and scoffed at,

As all the nations gather against the Holy City,

Even America the proud leading the way.


And men wonder why the fruit trees shrivel away

Fields wither, wells run dry,

Why the vines bear so very little

Why the country is being ruined by false leaders, soothing agents of destruction!

A nation of pride teeters

Staggers under the arrogance of the wealthy few,

The selfishness and apathy of so many

Insatiable appetites for every kind of entertainment.

As one empire falls into complete ruin

Another rises, high above all mountains

Even Israel the chosen

Judah a crown, Jerusalem the jewel,

The Jewish remnant in foreknowledge and the spiritual Jews grafted in

To shine most brightly,

Nations of the world will stand in humble lines

As servants, their leaders carry offerings of thanksgiving

Gifts of peace, gifts of honor

To the tribes of His delight, the flocks of His love,

Set before the eternal Jews, before their eternal King.