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Divine revelation written on the heart

Truth alive forever by the Holy Spirit

At rest, settled upon the mind

Pure and simple reality established,

Our Creator who loves His creation

Cares for it as for a small, beautiful child

Everyone unique and special to Him,

Washes and cleanses each continually,

As a mother nurses her youngest

Baby to the breast for nourishment, for body health

For constant comfort and the soul’s well being.

His love burns brightly, runs deeply

A jealous love for Jewish Israel a wall of fire about,

The modern remnant of the ancient tribes

Remembered for the many patriarchs

Prophets and early righteous ones

Many then who all looked faithfully to the Heavenly city to come,

The wise and humble who understood the sublime complexity,

Choice of sudden separation from God, consuming darkness of eternal death

Or embracing the redemption of mankind, light of true life;

Their hearts hungered and were satisfied

Their souls thirsted and were quenched.

All of these many times many listened and learned from the Father

Came to honestly face humility on earth

Came to feast on revelation of spirit and soul,

Minds seeded with good seed of the Son

Fought through any confusion of stress,

Cunning attacks of the enemy

Corruption of the religious deceivers

Legalistic pretenders as wolves always among the sheep,

Proud and drooling greedy ones.

Across modern America’s Christian landscape

Weeds mixed among the wheat

An abundant planting of the dark one while most true believers slept,

Now weeds everywhere that shamelessly masquerade;

Yet, plain and clear to those who walk as the Master walked,

Simply, prayerfully and clearly discerning

The filter of the Spirit

The filter of the Scripture eaten as daily bread,

Enabled and equipped to see and hear

Competence given to see as He sees

Even the end from the beginning.