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A gentle Shepherd leads

The humble flock follows

Safe and secure

Wrapped within a bright cloud of peace

Glowing cloud of protection,

Cloud of power and absolute authority.

Many Words spoken from the Throne of God

All become very sharp swords

In the hands, in the mouths

Of the survivors of Israel,

Remnant joined to the eternal vine

Grafted in to their own ancient olive tree once more.

The enemy and his poisonous rants

Like pesky bugs that encircle

Bite, nibble and annoy;

A word spoken in time

As a kiss on the lips, calms the waters

Stills the howling winds

Cleanses the chosen path.

Clouds of darkness cover the blue sky

This world choked with idols

World of self worship of man, of woman

Who bow down to what human hands have made;

The greedy few who lead

Those who sell their souls to Lucifer,

Crude and vulgar barter for the good things sought on earth,

Power and wealth and control.

But then the procession of life and truth walks by,

Blinding light of heavenly brilliance

Enlightenment beyond mere man

Heavenly beauty beyond mere woman,

People of the world sneer and growl at them

Hate and attack the innocent children

Often led by religious pretenders-

False prophets, false pastors and ministers

Ego driven book writers

Parasites with smooth, buttery words.

Gentle ones like their Lord,

Who serve another God,

A God who keeps His Word

As on Calvary,

Gentle ones stand tall and strong

Hands of worship held high

Even in His Jerusalem!