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As the Master

Like Him

We rise up in faith and strength

We go forth in power

We come and we go in confidence

Walk and talk the truth

Touch with kindness the little children

Touch with gentle love all of God’s children.

From a pure heart

Words of the Spirit flow forth

Truth of life and death

Truth of eternal healing of soul and spirit

Health and wealth of the body

A seed to be planted

Deep into the earth,

Cross most celebrated

As natural self laid to rest,

New life in Him the treasure discovered!

The Master has spoken

Words long ago written down

Words of life in His Spirit

Carry the weight of each day;

After tears of compassion

The shroud of death dissolves

And evaporates in the Light of the face of His life.

His Word soon to lift the flock

Along with Mary, Martha and Lazarus, His friends,

High into the heavens,

And then to rule one day soon

On His new Earth.