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They rest at His feet

The children of pure love

Ones called long before natural birth

Known while yet in the womb of time

Flowers seen bursting into the good sunshine

Before the seed was even sown,

These many chosen for the Heavenly Kingdom.

Flock of the Shepherd’s love

All walk freely in the Spirit

A path of peace beautifully scented

Aromatic blossoms of gladness all about

Abundant fruit, vines of plenty in gardens of delight

Satisfaction of all who hungered and thirsted for truth in reality,

Lasting comfort, the only true food at the foot of His Throne,

At His feet in honor and worship.

Many times many others seek shelter as well

Even from across the earth they travel

Pilgrimages of the heart and soul and body

Sweet voices lure and seem to guide them

Circumstances in detail as open ancient wide golden doors,

Endless meditations from the East,

In searches they look to the sun, crescent moon, and other stars in galaxies,

They look to every native culture

Rooted deeply into the earth and sky and mystery,

In growing desperation they walk a parallel walk

Dark angels in masquerade lead,

As a new light here, a newer age of light there

Newest blend of truth to behold;

Universal homogenized religion of so very many

Earth based and human effort driven

Projected as the final way, peace of mankind offered

As fruit from a forbidden tree in surrender to idolatry,

Universal deception to become the only religion

Lies as truth, light as dark, sweet as soul.

In a very old, very wide net cast

Lucifer the death angel, stands very tall,

Satan radiating his lies as truth in every direction

Through all possible vessels and means,

His antichrist in the wings awaits his call.