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Each new day awakens hope

Trust in the eternal work displayed

Already finished;

Power flows down from above

Sovereign authority cloaks about with comfort,

Even as the sun rises over the distant horizon

The day becomes brighter

Life richer and fuller,

Salvation is worked out, worked within a soul

In another step closer to  destiny

Another day added as a rich pearl

String of pearls that runs off beyond the earth’s horizon.

Such goodness for one of Heaven’s children

Who awoke to divine reality

Baptized somehow into Messiah’s death

Raised to new life somehow by Messiah’s Spirit,

Great things and mysteries of God

Thoughts beyond any mere man

Any woman, objects of mercy the same.

Godly praise streams from human lips

Angels take pleasure

Amplify these songs of joy,

Savior of all mankind

The Father’s gift spread to the “four corners”,

For every generation ever born

After that sunrise the Seventh Day

New light in the innocent faces of the first two,

Beautifully naked and unashamed,

Till this very morning as I sit and write this illustration;

Ready to soon go off to another day’s work

Prayer and fellowship and the Word feasted upon,

Ready to rush about like countless others who draw breath nearby

Even here in the midst of seductive Mystery Babylon.