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Eyes full of Light
They watch in amazement
Marvel at what is unfolding
Plans made long ago
Written in ancient languages on ancient scrolls
Now read in a modern book,
Things as in the days of Noah and Lot
Things seen by Apostle John in visions, in pure revelation;
True wisdom sees into the hearts of nations
The swirling Halloween cauldron
Mystery Babylon in step with her destiny
Witchcraft and sorcery her passions,
The world held in a cup of perverse wine,
As every drop consumed, the drunk stagger along
Poised to fall into merciless flames.
Heaven’s truth is shown to the upright
Majesty shown to the noble chosen, those in humility,
They hold dearest divine trust
In spite of earthly storms and chaos
In the cruel face of evil, the satanic fraud,
Men and women given to darkness,
Temporary lusts and unclean passions.
Pure love covers the enlightened
Invincible peace protects their hidden treasure,
Riches stored securely within each soul,
Each spirit eternally alive by the very finger of God!
We watch as commanded
Our hearts’ greatest desire,
We stand ready always as told
Confidence soars beyond the mere trillions of stars,
Eternal Light bright within
The very Light of Heaven
From the glory eyes of our Savior, Yeshua our Lord.