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Memories in thoughts surge back and forth
Past circumstances and people known or met
Imagined possibilities dance about
Unlimited contingencies of life and love and opportunity;
But reality is in the One Sovereign Lord above all
Who alone determines times and places
Creates, engineers the coming together of lives
All for the best
All for the good,
Our best and His best
Our good and His goodness,
Living designs beyond simple human comprehension
Mysteries revealed alone in the King of Artists, Messiah Yeshua.
In the search for Him
The gift of hunger and thirst to know Him
Majestic discovery and wonder of God’s fellowship
Power unfolds love of the new life to be lived out,
Even on earth in the wonderful days of relationships
Of coming and going, touching others honestly
Sowing and reaping the gifts of multiplied friendships
In the gift of compassion for so many around your life
Fruit on a wild tree waiting to be picked,
And so many who are suffocating, who are drowning…
Who are being consumed by strange fires of worldly passions,
Some who languish in lonely corners of this earth,
Isolated in Russian or Chinese apartments,
American suburban houses
Towns and cities of India
Villages in Africa and the Americas.
A thin mist as vapor comes and quickly goes away
The stunning natural beauty of a woman returns easily to the dust
With only unanswered questions left behind,
And the sadness of silence.
Along my own new path in days and in years, many prayers are most often sent out
Compelled by Messiah’s Spirit of love,
Even sent back to forgive and to seek forgiveness
To right some wrongs
And to divinely straighten what I had foolishly made crooked.