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Unexpected things rear up
As a stallion with the herd
Suddenly rises up and takes control, takes charge
Just when the grassy plain is smooth
The trail comfortable
Reassuring pleasant routine of the predictable,
But the surprise suddenly jumps up
And stirs the pot
Upsets the cart
Cuts off the water and sewer
The power and the cable, satellite signal,
Cell phone repeaters, transportation and food.
Sleep is now difficult
Trust slips through the fingers,
What was easy pleasure
Becomes very illusive
A cynical bitterness wells up
What was money fades away
Needs balloon
Thoughts entwined with emotions magnify
So much streams through tiny fingers,
Flooded by worries that can drown
Challenges that easily block the only true flow,
Even the River from above, supernatural peace from heaven,
The gift, the new birth right.
As we wade through the shallow calm waters of today
Enjoy the light breeze
Sunlight on the water,
We must be watchful, alert and ready!
Lies craftily flow about our paths
The cunning wicked always act wickedly,
This world of misspent passions
At any moment, almost any whim
Sloshes within the drinker’s cup
And spills out surprises,
In ways and at times startle
Things that always challenge our secure and sheltering new found spiritual way.