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When you finally see
And walk through the gate invisible to the world,
The very narrow gate
Our footsteps move straight forwards
There is no room
There is now way to turn back,
Nothing left behind you
The world and its dead end ways fade quickly,
Even the Earth in its fragile flower beauty sadly enslaved
Waiting as well for the new day
Complete rebirth in Spirit,
The day of a new kingdom,
New heaven and earth!
For now the refuge is secure
Solid Rock very high
The narrow path from the small gate up the greatest mountain
A proven shelter in itself,
Even when friends and family,
Those thought closest to you
Turn their eyes the same
Turn their minds and hearts a measure
Create a little safe distance,
Just enough to separate a bit from you.
And your heart sharply senses
The soul and spirit feel pain
A finer discernment grips the soul
And eyes sense hurtful tears about to fall.
But the only true refuge that works
The only sheltered road that is really safe,
Messiah’s true gate the eternal gift from Heaven
Light of God’s goodness behind and in front
Encourages the eternal spirit we are,
Who we are, what we now are
To press on, to confidently take hold
In complete assurance, most restful knowledge
That some others will look and understand
That many others too will follow
And honor your example.