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People of earthly needs
In the vast muddled soup, troubled sea of humanity,
Blind lead the blind
And a deep pit awaits them both.
Greed and lust rule our day
Fear hovers nearby in various forms
Multiplied children of darkness wander about foolishly
Descendants of all that is evil from generation to generation
Draped about by crimson cloaks of deceit
The scarlet art of lying held dearly
In highest regards by each self throughout the world.
One humble man toils for his daily food
One enlightened woman more so
Eyes wide open, alert and watchful
Minds that are mostly clear
Secret wisdom from above settled within that is great indeed;
He turns his eyes from the distant horizons, pierces the present moment
She looks meticulously at all that is near, perception in fine detail,
And they quietly go back to their simple tasks.
There is greater power in patience
There is higher authority that waits with wisdom;
One who knows all things
Who sees and sits as Judge
Ready at the wide open door of Spirit reality,
To wake the many sleepers
And their restless flocks of thoughtless followers.
Flocks of deception are spread so far and wide
Soon to be forcefully gathered
Mindless chatter silenced at last
When they see the Holy Face,
And look at the consuming fire of His eyes,
A mind that remembers in infinite detail every human life,
The eyes that will judge with sharpest justice.