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The heart and mind of a child
Small in stature
Great in sensitivity,
A new treasure of secrets waits to be revealed,
The wonders of simply being alive
The profound mysteries of existence,
In a body, on the earth, in this world
The earth, sky and water of all kinds, everywhere,
The awesome movements of these waters from the clouds to the oceans and back.
Families within families,
Coming and going, rising and sitting down
Conflicts of the world lost and quietly kept hidden
Mercifully out of sight,
Children set apart for tenderness
Gentle touch upon the head
Hand of kindness holding tightly
Peace wrapped about,
Footsteps always guarded
Powerful angels stand ready at hand.
But sadly innocence is often lost
Faded in time as a distant memory
Much as a hit song from another generation forgotten,
Clarity drifts off as white clouds blown by careless winds,
All too easily gone from fingertips.
What remains, crisp and new excitement,
Every circumstance of wonder treated harshly;
The world of money, currency and debt
The world of deceit interwoven throughout banking as one example
Collides within the mind
Spiritual confusion of many other flavors overflows,
Floods all things together into a messy soup
Digital information and internet trivia suffocate the tender spirit
Details strain and pull tightly on more details,
People layered between heaven and earth, sandwiched cruelly
Hierarchy of power and authority, and the basic laws of human effort,
Until finally, the weak cry of another child emerges for freedom
Humility bows fully
Meek arms reach out to our only Father in Heaven
And our Lord God of Truth
Honest mouths call out to our eldest Brother who overcame this world
Who conquered the “father of lies”
And the fraudulent existence now pedaled in pride as life on earth!
The God of Justice hears each voice of humility, each cry for help,
As Yeshua has done in Jerusalem
He takes abundant actions planned for you very long ago.