Time is always now
Now is always the time,
Always now
As God looks upon His creation
A timeless gaze that penetrates
More than any arrow
More than any sword.
He sees the child before it is formed in the womb
Her or his mother the same
He looks with sorrow or joy as each passes through earth body forms.
He fills the earth
And He stands higher than any mountain
Waves a hand of favor upon those chosen
Grace in abundance poured out upon the flock of love
To Him “now” is wrapped about all thought of as time
A covering of whitest linen
Embroidered with silver and gold,
Any sense of time but a creation to mark the days of man and woman on Earth.
All worry melts away
All anxiety flees such truth
Selfish ambition, all racing vanity fades as vapor,
Dew upon the grass facing the intense summer sun.
Peace rules eternity
Timeless peace in the presence of our timeless Lord
The Beginning and the End, He stands supreme
Before and after the same,
A “Rock higher than I”.
All worry, all hurry, all anxious deeds
Are lost in the “Eternal Now”
As the Lord above time
Walks through man’s time
And proclaims “It is finished!”