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The constant noise of the world
Floods over hearts and minds,
The quiet the souls yearn for
Spirits cry out for
So illusive,
Seems to dart in and out of moments,
In a race for peace on earthly winds.
Calm, eternal eyes look with most intense compassion
Penetrate completely into the nearby standing pool,
Set on a pedestal of purest gold;
His blazing Throne sees all in a glance
The entire created Universe on ready display
Sea of Glass, fire of intensity close by.
The Lord of Peace always watches
Nothing hidden
In revelation infinite detail revered,
Eyes of love look into the entire sea
Waters of reality on fire with holy purpose;
The Prince of Peace stands, angels at His side,
Justice steadily unfolds on Earth
Sovereign control foreknown for each nation, each person;
All covered by the music of Heaven
Tent of songs of rejoicing,
Temple of songs of praise,
Shelter and refuge of melodies of worship everywhere!