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An act of love
As her priceless perfume drifted about the table
A captivating fragrance, spikenard filled the room
Gift of honor,
A heart of true thanksgiving overflows
Expressions of deepest gratefulness.
Once lost in the every day world of shadows
Now found in the holy kingdom of Divine Light,
Once dead in the world of cold hearts
Now alive in the Jewish King’s presence!
Very few honestly look and hunger to perceive
Less hear with their hearts and seek to understand
The mysterious, illusive purpose of our human existence;
All the wonders of life now revealed
Beyond the base aesthetics of limited intellect
The multiplied temples of the mind
Self adorned temples of the will, the kingdoms of many
The natural appetites and delights of men and women
Selfish pursuit masquerading as spiritual
Becoming a god or goddess, “like God”,
Human effort alone the golden path, the simple snare and common idol.
Some discover final surrender to the highest truth
Total submission to the freedom of Heaven’s reality
Treasure of eternity wrapped within Messiah now unfolded,
Pearl of great price, secret hidden treasure, desire of the humble soul in need
Clothed, covered at last in divine Spirit revelation
Yeshua the greatest Name
Fragrance of the only true God upon this earth
Aroma of Heavenly life in a dry, dead place;
Mary’s love an example, an eternal witness,
Written and guarded, spoken and protected,
Miriam’s sacrificial gift in love an eternal testimony.