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The perfume of true love
Fragrance of God’s compassion all about
Delightful aroma
Such caring devotion, purest loyalty of commitment,
Faithfulness looks into eyes
And there is more love,
All those who become in His eyes
As ones who find everlasting peace.
To love and honor the King of Heaven and Earth
The greatest personal calling
Highest intimate pleasure
To worship the One who loves us all first.
Radiance comes from above
Revealed to all willing to see
Made known to all who truly seek to hear
Fragrance of the Name above all
Scent of eternal hope moves about
Inches completely through our lives
Subtle and sweet, dripping with unimagined creative power
Wisdom the aroma of such great knowledge
Throne of highest sanctified pleasure,
Radiant beauty of our King
Pulses throughout the Universe
Pulses the same in our spirit, soul and body.
How good the desire for more
To feed upon the Living Bread
Every morning to drink deeply,
The spring that wells up as Living Water
Crystal river that flows before the only Throne
Down the greatest street
Of the greatest city- Jerusalem,
Forever united in Israel’s Messiah
Reborn, holy dwelling place of eternity
Holy dwelling place within all hearts made new;
Thanksgiving and praise flow outward and upwards,
Such is the aroma of our kind and gentle God’s tender love
For His own.