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Waves of goodness
From the hand of the Lord
Wash over my life
Over the lives of all His children,
Ones at play on the shoreline of time
Eternity more than the work of sandcastles;
Life long ago redeemed
Our paths uniquely designed to walk this earth
To move through this world,
Footsteps powerfully established, divinely ordered!
Peace rules the hearts and lives of the children of Heaven
The peace of Messiah, our Prince of Peace,
Spirit peace leaves no room for fear.
All who have tasted the despair of this world
Honestly lost without hope for our souls,
Have now seen the goodness of our Lord
“In the land of the living” as written so long ago;
Eternal truth embraces each moment
Tasted through experience as time on earth unwinds,
The glowing value of the sense of “now”
Seen when our eyes of love are drawn
Purely into the eyes of another who loves the same,
Those blazing eyes of heavenly fire that see within our hearts.