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They chase the days away
Race back and forth,
So busy, always so busy.
Peace waits
Patience robed about royal shoulders
The One who truly carries the weight, the burden of us all.
But the women of Jerusalem
Those meant as vessels of divine honor
Even all the women of Israel
Wild olive branches, natural olive branches
Tree with ancient roots of destiny
From the father of faith, Abraham and his children,
These women meant to carry true beauty
To look upon the only King, to reflect His Light,
Yet, remain anxious as always
Worried about the many things beyond their touch
Beyond the meaningful, purposeful reach.
But, a few have powerful wings of prayer
Soar in pure meditations on the Words given from above
Kneel at the feet glowing “as bronze”
Pour out sacrificial perfume as Mary
Wipe and comfort with flowing dark hair;
They come before the Throne of the High Priest in confidence
Gift of trust a clean covering of assurance and confidence.
Love calms the troubling days
Quiets the churning waters of earthly needs
The sea of human nature, turbulence of unseen forces;
Shalom opens the doors for good circumstances
For opportunity and often pleasant surprises
For daily bread and even more
New friendships of true caring men, and other women,
Those who have a clear vision
Who see eternal covenant in pure human communion with God
With one another,
One flock and one family
One spiritual food, one spiritual drink
Freely shared with all in need
In loving service to the eternal King, as David, Solomon and Asaph once wrote
A cup of cold water offered to thirsty lips,
Many prayers answered, needs met before the sincere words are even spoken.