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To love a small child, seen and unseen,
Honest and transparent love
Innocence held up today as a rare treasure
Such beauty of simplicity
Toys in a sandbox of contentment.
In a world that always becomes more difficult
Where stress climbs long steps up to questionable monuments,
Things built by proud human hands
Where satisfaction always takes wing in the end
And disappears up through heavy, dark clouds
Blanketing new light from shining,
Desires that never satisfy,
Mysterious longings that never come true.
Spontaneous squeals of laughter, happy chatter as music to a grandparent
Busy minds with busy hands
As imagination runs freely along an improvised path
Feet skip through fields of flowers
Fruit trees abound, full of every fruit
Blueberries and strawberries at the dancing feet,
Abundance at every hand,
A child’s freedom to play of great importance.
There are many who belittle,
Annoyed, who ignore and marginalize
Children thought of as a distraction
Things that pull away from real priorities
And the weighty matters of adult importance
Like conquering and controlling and ruling the world,
Crushing all that refuse to submit
Especially when money is squeezed tighter
Good food is scarce, clean water a problem;
Grown men act faint, hands hang limp,
Those thought in power wander about in a daze, mouths drool.
The Lamb of Life, ready to stride down the Mount of Olives, stands true
The enlightened Way shines purely, clearly, brightly
The Lion of Good Purpose roars for all to hear,
All commanded, all demanded
To come as that child
To believe as that child
To receive as that child,
Vulnerable in true humility and openness
Completely dependent and trusting
Sensitive to every good thing,
A hug, hands of help, a brush of encouragement
A spirit fully open to Heaven’s free gift
Eyes and a smile always bright with gratitude
Thankfulness in pure, clear hearts of praise,
Worship from within a child’s fountain of delight.